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AviaPay Has Landed

AviaPay is an the all in one smart POS device designed for all stages of the airline passenger experience, on the ground and in the air. The App runs on a robust hand-held device that is PCI compliant with chip & pin, Tap-and-Go and swipe technology.

AviaPay provides true mobile payment services to the airline industry, enabling staff to effortlessly process transactions and collect fees for goods and services in real-time or when offline. Our software has been designed and developed in a modular fashion, giving our customers the ability to select only the features that are applicable to their needs.

We'll assist you in designing a tailored software solution swiftly and affordably.

How It Works

Pay for Excess

Passengers can pay excess baggage fees at Check-In and avoid the stress of queuing at a Ticket Sales desk. Sales can be uploaded to airline PSS.

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Boarding Gate

Busy staff at the boarding gate can use the AviaPay device to accept cash or card payments for excess baggage or priority boarding.

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While in the air, our device allows cabin crew to accept payments for duty-free items and buy-on-board catering. Our software also manages inventory.

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Reports & Stocks

AviaPay has  backend Dashboard, product pricing & management  modules, while  cabin crew can  process stocks and sales on the device.

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Express Check-In

AviaPay allows roaming ground staff to check-in "hand baggage only" passengers and issue a boarding pass from the device printer.

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Payment Systems

The AviaPay hand held device is PCI compliant and is already integrated with major payment service providers and acquirers such as DPO and PayGate. These providers offer a wide range of payment options in all major currencies and across various payment platforms.

POS Market

POS Market focuses on innovative mobile payment solutions, such as AviaPay, as well as customer service solutions for the airline, rail, bus, ferry and tourism sectors. The same technology may also be utilised by any business sector needing to collect payments and issue receipts in remote locations.

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